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Great stuff! Thanks.

There is no file when I click download 

What browser do you useI have just tried on Firefox, Chrome and Edge, it works fine.

I think the itch io launcher is wiggin out

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Ouch. I didn't know that itch has it's own launcher. I checked, it. Yep, download doesn't work. I tried to reupload file but it doesn't help, I noticed that some games have the same problem. My second game - Esothe is downloaded properly. I have no idea how to fix it.

I reccomend to download Venineth through browser at this moment. Sorry.

Hi, I just uploaded new update, it should work on the itch io lanuncher now.

cant download

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Can you provide more info? What browser are you use? Does the download stops? I noticed a super low transfer for all games on for couple of last days, maybe that is the problem.


Gamejolt works fine

Hi, I just uploaded new update, it should work on the itch io lanuncher now.

As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Thanks for playing!

This ran pretty good on my old computer. I'm a sucker for anything meditative and loved the futuristic planetary environment. I didn't find much of anything I was supposed to beyond the hover pad. I just had fun rolling around and exploring. I'll likely enjoy it more with the gamepad so I can sit back and relax away from the desk. 

The graphics are lovely and the overall "level" design is great. Enjoyed the choice of music as well, it made the world feel more mysterious and ready to be explored. Cool atmosphere and a nice take on this genre. Added it to my bonus games!


Here's my coverage :) enjoyed the game <3

Thanks for playing!

i love this!!!! i was upset when the beta finished because i was having a blast. absolutely cannot wait for the full game

you have some great marble-on-surface sounds, and i really hope and wish y'all the best that you get those sounds feelin' Visceral and Marbley.


Esothe was great, Venineth is awesome too. I think the quality of the level design is sublime. I hope it comes before 4019 cause... well... limited lifespan. :) 

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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I see that invisible walls requires corrections :)

The atmosphere of this game is amazing. At first I was a bit lost, so I just started rolling towards the mountains and eventually made it to the hovering sphere hub. Very cool experience, and it was relaxing with the great music. Really different from any other ball physics games I've played. I'm surprised this project hasn't gotten more attention yet. Great job so far and I look forward to buying the final version.