Open Beta update v0.20315 changelog & project status.

New update v0.20315 changelog:

  • Reworked main menu icons:
  • Reworked statistics:

  • bugfixing:

    • graphics glitches corrections,
    • fixes of several places where the player could get stuck,
  • other
    • minor level design tweaks,

Warning:  Saves are not compatible with earlier versions. Before starting a new game, make sure the save folder is empty.


Project status:

Polishing stage continues.

Thanks to the fact that someone put the game on torrents and warez sites (free beta from, not the full game), we gained additional traffic and a significant increase in wishlists on steam. Thank you also for your warm comments under YouTube videos, thanks to which we gained additional motivation to work in a difficult period.

Wishlist Venineth on Steam:

Live long and prosper.

Venineth Team

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Mar 15, 2020

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