Open Beta update v0.0818 changelog & current state of the project.

Thanks for all criticism, ideas and bugs reporting, we receive from you in the comments and e-mails.

New update v0.0818 changelog:

  • optimization:
    • SSR optimization - performance improvement (especially in the last level),
  • bugfixing:
    • invisible walls placement corrections, 
    • graphics glitches corrections,
    • fixes of several places where the player could get stuck,
  • other
    • minor level design tweaks,
    • Guide Probe now flies into the Capsule,
    • more checkpoints in difficult places,
    • reduction of film grain effect intensity,

  • No changes in UI /options at the moment, but we are working on it. For now we're focusing on the rest of the game.

Current state of the project:

We're close to finish all levels in the beta state,  more than 20 levels, that means 5-10 hours of gameplay in total.

Huge amount of work, too huge for just  two devs... , but we can do it! Thank you for your patience!

Some screens from full game:

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See you in 4019!

Venineth Team

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