Open Beta update v0.0511 changelog.

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Update v0.0424 -> v0.0511 changelog:

  • Reworked menu icons - improving readability :

    We would like to create a game without any text understood in any language. Our inspiration are games like Samorost 3 by Amanita Design. We improved the readability of icons, but if something else is still incomprehensible let us know in the comments!
Options Menu

Controls Menu

  • A small hint showing the way on first world:

The first 5 minutes of the game is the most important and we noticed that some players felt lost, that's why we added a small hint, but it appears only through the first half of the level, then you have to deal with yourself.

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements
    • fixes of invisible walls, 
    • fixes graphics glitches,
    • fixes holes in terrain, 
    • etc

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