Venineth is ready to roll! New gameplay trailer & release date announcement!


As you well know, the original release date was set for the year 4019. By employing hyper-modern QA AI, we were able to move this date a little closer...

But seriously, after over four years of work (after hours), the game is already finished. We make the final touches, correct bugs, make some changes and optional facilitations, thanks to which the game will be friendly also for more casual players (more info soon).

We are happy to announce that the current and unchanging release date is April 16, 2020.

7 days!

On this occasion we have prepared a trailer:

We also want to announce that we partnered with the publisher - Monad Rock, which helps us with testing, patching, marketing, and console port... other stuff ;)

We hope that the cooperation will be fruitful and not end with just this one title!

We are preparing a free demo version which will be available for download on Steam in the future.

Wishlist Venineth on steam:

See you in 4019 next week!

Venineth Team


Monad Rock Team

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Congratulations. That's great news! With all these games being pushed back recently it's nice to see a game come out 1999 years early! :)